Man V Food legal disclaimer

Man V Food legal disclaimer

Here is the Man V Food legal disclaimer from tonights filming at D’arcy’s Pint. Anyone who has ever attended a live taping will find the legalese familiar. But these things are incredibly hypocritical. They can do whatever they want to do with your likeness. But you have to follow all of their rules. Meaning you don’t have the same rights as they say they do legally. So if you want to take a picture you are bound by their rules. Even though they are filming in a public location. Granted from a legal standpoint the business would most likely be considered private property.

In some ways I don’t have a problem with this. I’m well aware that a flash from a overzealous fan could ruin a lot of hard work. But I do have a problem with being told sternly not to take a picture when production hasn’t even started. The cameras weren’t even rolling & no take was being done. What I feel we had was a prima donna not wanting the world to see him getting his game face on. Sorry folks I want the different shot. Not the one everyone else gets. So of course after getting a few shots of Adam Richman talking to crew and having his makeup done the big boy cameraman who had been roaming around since we got there decides to come over and tell me no pictures while they are filming.

Now lets see here. We have a star of a nationally aired show standing in the middle of a parking lot with no cameras rolling and no production taking place. But your going to come over and strong arm me? Keep in mind I was far away from were this was taking place. So there is no “threat” to the precious star etc. I’m just a guy getting some photos from the front patio of the restaurant behind decorative fencing. Again lets be clear no cameras were rolling even though there was gear being setup. Adam was standing by an SUV talking then getting makeup. After I was asked in a less than polite manner to not take pictures while “filming” occurred the star went to the other side of the SUV got more makeup then took a few photos of the D’Arcy’s Pint sign.

Lets be clear I was polite when asked to stop taking photos. I actually walked back into the restaurant and sat in my seat. Even though I was far from confrontational. Not even a thank you could be uttered from the cameraman’s mouth. This just didn’t sit well with me. I’m very much the type of person that if you treat me with respect I return the favor. If you come at me with some lousy attitude I tend to give it right back.

There are some things traditional media has yet to learn. They aren’t the only game in town anymore. Many people have cameras and phones. These people known how to use them and where to present the data these devices collect. Television news and newspapers have their place but are being replaced by instant media. Ignoring this fact or going out of your way to treat someone less than kindly probably isn’t a good idea if your a celebrity nowadays. That includes having someone within your crew do the dirty work for you.

What traditional media seems to not be able to grasp. Is the fact that sites like this have more power than they might think. This fact is easily proven by visiting any popular search engine and typing in a few words.

Before all the super fans come on here and jump down my throat. It might be worth pointing out to all of you that I report things as they happen & how they happened. I don’t sugarcoat anything. But I do try to keep things balanced and fair.

Later in the evening when taping had started and was moved inside. Someone other than the wannabe bouncer cameraman made an announcement in regards to no camera use during production. His tone was much different than what I had encountered earlier. This was what I had expected to hear at some point in the evening and had no problem with that. Unlike a good majority of those in attendance I respected those wishes. At one point later in the taping a few young guys were popping off cell phone pictures left and right. Only after they had taken quite a few did bouncer man step in from outside and ask them to stop. From my vantage point it was hard to tell but I would say they received the same tone I did. It should be kept in mind I took my shots when Adam Richman was nowhere near a camera. But I guess that is semantics in the production staffs mind.

What should have been a fun night turned out to be just that once we ignored the Man V Food taping. Our waitress was top notch. Honestly she deserved an even bigger tip than we left her. The food was tasty as always. It had been a long time since I’d stopped into D’Arcy’s Pint. Cheryl drops in for lunch now and then.

From what I’ve seen on Twitter. Adam will probably storm in here like a madman and give some tough guy talk. Which in my opinion won’t help his case.

In Cheryl’s opinion she felt Adam Richman was more accommodating to fans than Guy Fieri. I can’t make that call since I wasn’t at the taping when Guy was in Springfield. I can say that Adam did hang around after production wrapped. For those who stuck around pictures could be taken. So I guess the rule of thumb here is only take the pictures the star wants and when they want them taken. Which leads to some pretty boring fake photos. I prefer my shots show real life.

Either way the production team will be happy. What should have been a simple thing has been taken rather personally by me. If your employee had taken a different tone the outcome would have been much different. While I hope others in the community will support the upcoming Man V Food tapings in Springfield, IL. I won’t be wasting my time. Even though a Cozy Dog sounded really good for lunch tomorrow. I’m sure no one will see this as a great loss. Which just further proves my point that old media just doesn’t get it. Bad public relations ( PR ) no matter how minor or unimportant you may feel it is are never a good thing. There was a chance to grab the bull by the horns and earn some great PR from a fan. But that opportunity has now been wasted and instead of several positive pieces being written only negative will be seen. No matter how successful you might think you are. It’s just bad business to strong arm a fan.

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