At Sheraton Chicago for BlogHer 2009

So far I’m really unimpressed with Sheraton in Chicago. Although I will say customer service here has been top notch. The air condition at least works compared to the Wyndham O’Hare where we stayed earlier this year. That place was a dump especially for the price. The Sheraton is similar to the Wyndham though. Nice lobby but when you get to the room it is dated. Sheraton is in better shape than the O’Hare Wyndham.

Sheraton downtown Chicago was less than a fun adventure to get to. Our refurbished Garmin Nuvi 680 GPS was a completely useless device when it came to finding the hotel. It took us on a massive adventure all over Chicago. Even after we had the hotel in visual sight the device wanted to take us in a direction away from the hotel.

When we finally arrived valet service was top notch. Checking in was fast and easy. Although a woman cut us off as we were heading towards a desk clerk. Probably a small blessing since the person who checked us in was friendly and got us checked in quickly.

Unfortunately we were given a higher floor room. Something I could have sworn I had asked not to have when I made our resevration. So now I’m stuck up in the air where I don’t want to be. The room as I mentioned above leaves a lot to be desired for the price. There is a nice desk and a big flat screen television. Our bed doesn’t look like a King size mattress but we will deal with it. More on all that later.

It’s impossible to doing any typing in the dark. At this point I have had no food and my stomach that has been acting up all day has yet to settle. Food was ordered at the packed hotel bar. It might be in front of me in an hour. Not even going to go fight the massive crowd and drama in the party area to try and find some grub. Oh boy Cheryl just brought me a sucker. That should hold me over = NOT!!

I’ve now moved to a new position in the lobby with more light. Still very uncomfortable to type. The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle really does a better job in regards to lobby comfort and use for guest.

Cheryl told me there was a lot of pushing and shoving at the swag table for tonights lobby party. It’s really sad that this group of people can’t show a bit more class. Even more disturbing is no one from the conference seemed to be handling the situation. Basically the lobby area where the party is taking place and the bar by it are a zoo. Guess if you know a lot of people and came in a group it would be cool. But less than a welcoming environment in my opinion. Just pure chaos. So far it’s your typical conference. Lots of attitude and stuck up people to be found. With a mix of genuine nice people.

The crowd reminds me of what you would see years ago when I started attending Gnomedex. An interesting mix to say the least.

Just lost power and had to go up 28 floors to get the power adapter. I devoured the food Cheryl got to go from the back bar before heading upstairs. That bar is running out of food and may have stopped taking orders earlier than usual. Or at least this is what I am being told. Getting fed seems to be on a lot of peoples minds.

So far I’m just seeing mass confusion in the lobby area.

Wireless access in our room on the 28th floor isn’t working. Many SSID but no Internet. Had a very weak signal to the newtork setup for BlogHer but couldn’t connect. Now my machine isn’t seeing that network at all. Ended up and had to purchase one day access in our room for a hard wired connection for $13. Lobby access to the BlogHer network has been very solid so far. A big improvement over the last BlogHer I attended.

Cheryl’s story about the swag drama was just confirmed by a guy talking behind me. He said he saw a bunch of people fighting over the vibrators so he just stepped back.

I am seeing a lot of the clique thing I saw at last BlogHer.

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