A fawn in nature

A fawn in nature

Once again Cheryl gets credit here. I didn’t notice this fawn who was on my side of the car looking right at me. This picture was taken off a road that has become popular for nightly deer watchers. It used to be only a few of us would venture out this way. Now vehicle traffic has picked up the past few years. Recently at different locations we have seen some large bucks. Close to the area above we have spotted several young ones. Unfortunately my low light pictures of them didn’t turn out all that well. I thought I had a good shot of three large bucks until I got home and saw the photo. Those deer were at another location.

Including us there were two other cars viewing this young deer. The vehicle behind us had a child. So I’m sure they were really happy to come across this. The deer really could care less that we were there after awhile and went back to it’s routine of feeding.

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