Garage door torsion spring snapped

Here we go again. Everything was working just fine with our new Chamberlain WD962KD Premium Whisper Drive 3/4-Horsepower Garage Door Opener with Standby Power. That was until last night. I pushed the button to close the garage after I had been sitting outside for a bit. Everything sounded just fine and in working order. When I’m standing in our bedroom I hear a noise like the garage door had shut way to hard. I asked Cheryl what that noise was. She said it was the garage door. Which confirmed what I thought it was. Her first thought was that I left something in the way of the door closing. This was what I assumed may have happened.

We both head out to the garage where the door is fully closed. Nothing seems wrong. Everything looks to be in working order. After looking around we decided to try and open the door again. It would open slightly then work itself very slow back down to the closed position. The whole time I’m figuring something simple must have happened we just needed to figure out what that was. At some point during all this drama Cheryl asked about the torsion spring. I think it was something along the lines of shouldn’t that all be one piece. After further investigation we both think the torsion spring has snapped on the left side.

When the new garage door opener was installed. All the older pieces of the system were looked at. These got a passing grade at that time. Along with a spray of lubricating fluid. At no point have I heard any type of noise that would indicate a problem existed or that something wasn’t right. The Chamberlain WD962KD has been a dream up until the old metal coil that came with the garage originally decided to fail. Granted this large piece of metal has probably been doing it’s job for many years. I wouldn’t think the Chamberlain belt drive would have been putting to much strain on the older piece. Then again I’m not a garage door installer.

So now we are back in the same boat we were in before we got the new garage door opener. Not sure how long it will take to get someone in to look at it. Since our install was a side job for the installer. We have a call in and will hopefully know what the cost and time frame will be sometime today.

Of course I’m getting tons of ribbing from Cheryl about how once again I’ve broken something. When the car recently decided to blow up I was the one driving. Even though it has been fully determined that nothing I did caused the problem. I’m going to get heat about this most recent event. All I did was push the button I swear. For now the Chamberlain WD962KD will remain unplugged until the technician gets here to look things over.

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Chamberlain WD962KD Premium Whisper Drive 3/4-Horsepower Garage Door Opener with Standby Power