IZZE Sparkling Juice display at BlogHer 09

IZZE Sparkling Juice display at BlogHer 09

IZZE Sparkling Juice is something I drink on occasion at home. Several of their glass bottles are in our recycling bin right now. Sparkling Apple & Peach is what I think we purchased last time around. The past few years I have really made a big effort to reduce the amount of soda I’m drinking. I’ve also tried to steer my liquid intact towards more natural products. Most days I drink at least 1 Phix Energy. Sometimes 2 or 3. This is supplemented with various other drink products. One of those from time to time is IZZE.

I’ll say it again though. I really dislike all these drink companies having Flash based content. It just makes it to hard to provide proper links to my readers – if you want to bookmark a specific page it’s a hassle. Yes fun and appearance is nice – but basic functionality is slightly compromised on flash only websites.

IZZE Sparkling Juice

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