Iggy gets mentioned on ZDNET, CNET and Yahoo – ZoneAlarm upgrade causes havoc

Ok this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten press from this site. My very first “internet article” or should I say my first stab at trying to actually write a coherent thought was on ZDNET. That was years ago though. TalkBack Central: Napster users to RIAA—there’s no stopping us now. The original article seems to have gone the way of many things in cyberspace. It has disappeared. The WayBack Machine finds it News TalkBack Central Napster users to RIAA — there’s no stopping us now
The latest mention of me on ZDNET is in relation to a write-up I’ve done in regards to problems with the latest version of the ZoneAlarm firewall. Granted the ZDNET article seems to miss the fact that myself and others have figured out what we feel is the root cause of the problem. And this has been reproduced by ZoneLabs testing staff.
Either way. I think I’ve now found the source of the big traffic spike on my blog the other day.
The forum I’ve been a frequent contributor to for several years also gets a mention. That website I’m sure has gotten used to seeing themselves in the main press. While I’m fully aware that to many getting a mention on major websites, newspapers or the news is a non event. To a little guy like me. Who didn’t go to college – who is far from trained in writing etc. This is a rather big thing. Granted this is only the second time in 5 years that ZDNET has decided something I’ve written was worth giving a mention to. And I’m definitely not going to have anyone beating down my door anytime soon to pay me for my words. But it’s the little things like this that make me think maybe doing what I do is actually worthwhile. Even though I’ve been dead broke since trying to make a go of things online. The website we are now has helped improve things money wise the past 7 or 8 months. But not enough to pay the bills of yet. That is one key reason I’ll take all the positive press I can get.
Hopefully this latest event will spur me on to improve on things. Because in my opinion there is still room for improvement.

“While a spokesperson from Check Point Software Technologies, which owns Zone Labs, told ZDNet Australia he would investigate further although he was unaware of any issues this morning. But at least one reliable source acknowledges the problem exists.”

Ok lets set the record straight here. I’m of course not wanting to cause any ill will or bad blood between myself and ZoneLabs. We’ve had a rather nice relationship over the years. Although as I’ve said in the past. They DO NOT pay my bills. So I’m not their puppet.

But this spokesperson is indeed wrong. The problems in regards to install issues and random reboots with this latest build have been reported. And ZoneLabs testing staff are fully aware of the cause. How do I know this? One because I’ve been in contact with them trying my best to help troubleshoot the issue. Two – because I have an email clearly stating that they have been able to reproduce my findings.

“For the past few weeks my download speed has been cut in half,” wrote one agitated user on Zone Labs’ forums. He said he had uninstalled the software and regained full-speed access, only to install it again and be cut back down to half-speed. This problem has been reported multiple times on broadband user sites like Broadband Reports in the United States, and Australia’s own Whirlpool.

Users claim by re-installing a previous version of the firewall they were able to regain a full-speed connection. However, this could leave them open to vulnerabilities inherent in previous versions of Zone Alarm.”

The above quote is also what the spokesperson was referring to. I’ve also had multiple correspondence with ZoneLabs on this issue. If we were to look into my email archives. You’d see that I have in fact notified ZoneLabs on several occasions in regards to users complaints in regards to slower speeds when using the ZoneAlarm product. Anyone who reads the forums at BroadBandReports also knows that I’ve discussed this exact subject for almost 2 years now. Although I’ve personally never been able to reproduce this problem on my end. I have seen many ZoneAlarm customers complain of slower internet speeds when this firewall product is in use. I had not seen any current comments in regards to this with the latest build of the product. Then again I haven’t checked the ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm official forum in about a week. So I could have missed some users reports.

A quick check of my ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm IMSecure Help page will in fact confirm what I’ve stated above. I’ve also done a previous article on the subject here Iggy Uncensored Is ZoneAlarm a problem for you. So as my comments above point out. It sort of irritates me when someone from ZoneLabs would state they haven’t been made aware of the issue. Because I’ve gone out of my way on several occasions to make them aware of the problem customers are reporting.

Is ZoneAlarm the source of your speed problems?

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