Florida’s Natural Au’some Fruit Nuggets

When Cheryl first brought this product into our home I thought I would end up liking it. After eating some of it I really wasn’t all that impressed. This feeling became even stronger when I found out Florida’s Natural Au’some Fruit Nuggets are a product of China. Anyone who has read or watched the news the past few years knows that China hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to food. In the search for profit – consumer safety just doesn’t seem to be a priority over there. So I asked Cheryl to make sure never to purchase this product again. First because I wasn’t thrilled with it taste wise and second I had concerns about the country of origin.

Now keep in mind on the bottom of the packages above there is a statement saying made responsibly in China. The Au’some website even goes into great detail about their facilities in China and accreditations. For the record I have no reason to doubt any of these claims. It’s just a personal choice to avoid food products Made in China. Granted some food processing facilities in the United States haven’t had the best track record in regards to consumer safety.

What really interest and concerns me is the fact that is cost effective to ship American grown fruits overseas to be processed into a product that will be consumed back in the US. I’m fairly certain Au’some wouldn’t have manufacturing facilities located in China if it wasn’t economically viable. It’s a sad fact that in the United States we may no longer be able to process our own goods in a profitable manner.

Once again I’ll state that there is no reason to be concerned about Florida’s Natural Au’some Fruit Nuggets. The product just didn’t suit my taste. It’s my own choice not to knowingly consume food products from China. I was rather shocked to see these back in our home actually. It’s also interesting to me that the store these were purchased in seems to have a good amount of Chinese made food. From a liability standpoint you would think they might reduce this because of the many issues that have been seen in recent years.

It should be kept in mind that our home & others around the globe are full of products made in China. While some people would argue working conditions have improved and that companies take worker safety more seriously. There has been evidence presented that doesn’t fully support that view. Of course each company doing business there should be held accountable on their on merits. But cheaper production cost don’t always translate to good working conditions.

Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks

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Uncompromised Quality

The factory, located in China, covers approximately 250,000 square feet and has undergone rigorous quality measures to meet GMP and HACCP certification. The factory is also EU Organic, USDA Organic and Kosher certified. The facility houses a fully-equipped laboratory where highly qualified chemists work side-by-side with the company’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams to ensure that every phase of production meets the company’s stringent system of quality control.

Florida’s NaturalĀ® Au’some Fruit Nuggets

Ausome Production Uncompromised Quality

Update 10/17/2011

“Food safety is a sensitive issue in China, which has been rocked by scandals ranging from deadly infant formula to chemical-laced pork and recycled restaurant oil tainted with potentially deadly moulds.”

Wal-Mart says China CEO, another executive stepping down; move comes amid food safety case

This supports my original opinion that eating food manufactured in China might not be in anyone’s best interest. If these companies are willing to poison their own people in the name of profit. I’d venture a guess that producing tainted food for foreigners they aren’t exactly fond of ( United States ) – wouldn’t hurt their conscience one bit. Not sure how any company can claim they are producing food that is good for you when it’s manufactured in China. When that country doesn’t have a good track record in regards to food safety. If a region or nation has a history of selling tainted food. I’m not sure how any corporation can claim healthy foods are being produced there.

3 thoughts on “Florida’s Natural Au’some Fruit Nuggets”

  1. I am doing some research on where the food we eat comes from. I was researching these exact fruit snacks and had tracked down all the corporate info, etc. and then stumbled on your post which essentially sums it all up. Like you, I’m sure that this particular food is fine to eat, but am concerned about how little we seem to make in the USA anymore. Great post! You said it much better than I.

  2. I think that this article about the Flordia’s Natural nuggets is horrible. My husband and I both love this product, and the fact that it is made in China doesn’t make a difference to us. All the flavors taste great, especially the orange. You have pictures the larger “container” sized boxed, but we eat the smaller packets. They are only 50 calories, and are non-fat, plus one small packet gives you 40% of your Vitamin C. This would be a great snack to give to your kids. Even though this is made in China, and you claim food from China is inferior to food made elsewhere, I think it is a snack that is much better than many of the American products made. Everyone has different tastes and like, so you are entitled to your opinion, but you need to be more knowledgable before you start writing negative comments about a product just because it’s made in China. Shame on you.

  3. Actually shame on you. For several reasons. One because you don’t mind feeding your family a food product that comes from a country who has an even worse track record in regards to food safety than the United States. Also if you live in the USA shame on you for not asking why this product that is supposedly made with fruit grown here isn’t also produced here.

    As for being knowledgeable. I think it is you who needs to in fact do some more research. Are you complete unaware of all the different food related problems that have come from Chinese food products? I guess you are unaware of how several Chinese companies poisoned their own people with tainted food.

    So shame on you for make such a stupid uneducated comment. If your so concerned about health. Then I would think you would be against eating food that may make you extremely sick. The fact remains many Chinese companies have given priority to profits versus safety in the food products they produce.

    I’d suggest in the future you do some reading before trying to make me out to be a bad person.

    I should also mention that many companies that claim to be doing the right thing in regards to their labor practices aren’t. Many workers in China and other nations are still working under horrible conditions. Long hours with no family life earning wages that just keep them getting by. The supposed protections and monitoring that are in place are a joke. There are many corporations who talk a good public relations game. But when their production facilities are investigated another story comes to light.

    Updated 3/8/2010

    A nasty comment was left here recently. I’ve since deleted it and taken other actions. I’ll include the words I sent to this person below. Keep in mind spell check is used here and within my comments. I’m not seeing any spelling needing corrected. That process is also used for articles. I’ve never claimed to be English literature perfect. I also find it very funny that “Rachel” can’t debate the subject without trying to be mean. The nasty comment didn’t even make an attempt to address the points I have made.

    In the beginning

    As for my comment being uneducated. I’m not the person who is to stupid to do some reading, let alone watch the news. My points are extremely valid and well within reason. Everything I have stated is backed up by fact. It would be interesting to learn if “Rachel” actually works for or has some association with someone who is employed by the manufacturer of the product above.

    Does name brand really matter anymore

    Multiple sources ended up being blamed for this incident. I think in the end it was decided a plant in the United States had produced the unsafe food.

    Rat poison source of pet food contamination

    China admits tainted food link – USATODAY

    Tainted Chinese Imports Common – Washington Post

    Made in China: tainted food, fake drugs and dodgy paint Business The Guardian

    Chinese shoppers shocked by tainted food scandal – CNN

    There are many more examples.

    Quote from the article

    “For years, U.S. inspection records show, China has flooded the United States with foods unfit for human consumption. And for years, FDA inspectors have simply returned to Chinese importers the small portion of those products they caught — many of which turned up at U.S. borders again, making a second or third attempt at entry.”

    The email I sent. Of course it turns out the address wasn’t valid – so the loud mouth is a coward as well.

    If you want to be an English teacher I would suggest you do so elsewhere. Your smart ass comments are not welcomed. It’s interesting how people such as yourself can’t argue their point without nitpicking. Makes you look rather childish.

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