Why are simple questions so hard for some people to understand

Time and time again I see this. A very simple question gets asked and the geniuses of the world can’t seem to grasp it. I’m not sure what about my wording was so hard to understand in regards to my question about electric car battery technology. But let me try to explain it one more time. Maybe this will clear up any confusion.

My original question really had nothing to do with the EV1 itself. Actually I thought what was being asked was fairly straightforward. Everyone makes it seem as if putting new battery technology in an EV1 type of vehicle will solve range problems and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

The other question has been if new battery technology easily solves the problem. How come no manufacturer is currently building sub compact cars with these battery packs and electric engines? Of course some of this has to do with cost. While the other part is the fact that manufacturers really aren’t as committed as they claim to leaving fossil fuels behind.

For the record I’m not sure why a recent commenter thought I needed an EV1 history lesson. To me this shows they didn’t take the time to read what I wrote or explore this site. I’m more than aware of the fate of the original EV1’s. The question I asked was straightforward in addressing comments made within the movie Who Killed the Electric Car. These same type of comments get made constantly online and in television programs as well. Everyone makes it seem like dropping a battery pack and electric engine into current vehicles is easy. Of course a variety of things get glanced over when these statements are made.

Cost of conversion is one of the largest factors. Charging times and range. Most everyone who follows the subject can add all the other usual suspects to the list. Let me blunt. I think building another car that looked like an EV1 with newer technology would be a disaster. Consumers have shown time and again that they are unwilling to purchase vehicles with drastic design that isn’t what they consider normal. What I do think is needed is an affordable sub-compact all electric vehicle. The current offerings that are planned for release in the next few years won’t obtain mass appeal. Price, speed and range will once again have consumers thumbing their noses at purchasing an electric vehicle. The Tesla Sedan may have a good run with consumers. But pricing for the longer range batteries may result in less mass market appeal and uptake. Again lets keep in mind all the electric vehicles that have been announced have future release dates not around the corner. We have been down this road before. No the GM Volt doesn’t count because it isn’t all electric and until it actually makes it to showroom floors it’s a feel good public relations campaign nothing else.

Yes I’m more than aware of the all the range arguments supposedly being debunked my electric car owners. I guess this why the former interim CEO of Tesla stated they drive his wifes big gas guzzling SUV on long trips. Especially those that require a vehicle with space to put luggage in.

“If we are going on a weekend trip with friends and family, we all pile into my wife’s SUV. But I have a soft spot for little, fast sports cars. That’s why I drove a Porsche for the last seven years. And that’s why I thrill to the scorching acceleration of the Roadster”

On a personal note call this little rant arrogant or whatever. But I’m just really tired of peoples arrogance online and off. It would be pretty logical that if I had seen the movie Who Killed the Electric Car that I would have a pretty damn good idea of the basic history of the EV1 program. Even if that weren’t the case having a look at the links provided within that article would have given you a clue that while I’m not an expert by any means. I have in fact done just a bit of reading on the subject.

For the record it took all my strength and will not to get into a heated debated with the General Motors representative who sat down at our lunch table at BlogHer on day one this year. I wasn’t in the best of moods anyway at that point so if I had gotten into a discussion I would have gone fully uncensored and hardcore.

Let me be very blunt. If the solutions everyone keeps offering up are so damn easy then why is no one doing this in mass production? It’s because it’s not as easy as slapping an electric motor and battery pack into a lightweight car. Yes this solution works for those elitist environmentalist who have tons of money at their disposal. But at this time unfortunately it’s not this easy for the mass market. Especially when traditional car manufacturers are only making a half ass attempt at embracing the technology.

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