Why are simple questions so hard for some people to understand

Everyone wants to talk about a green car revolution when we are still stuck in coming soon mode. Although all the really hardcore green promoters are trying hard to tell you that the solutions are easy and can been done now. I say where is the proof? All I see now is a bunch of press releases and some big hype with marketing campaigns. The only company really producing an all electric car that is close to what consumers want is Tesla and we all know how much you have to pay for a Tesla Roadster. If General Motors is truly sorry about just focusing on gas guzzlers. Why is it that their focus really hasn’t changed much? Again the Volt might be a step in the right direction. But at this point it’s still just marketing hype in my opinion.

If it is so easy to make a mass appeal electric vehicle with highway range and speeds. I’ll ask one more time = why isn’t it being done right now today and on showroom floors?

The one and only comment in the article below is what got me started on this. Honestly I thought what was being asked was fairly easy to determine. Maybe now that I have tried again to ask the same question in a new way any confusion will be resolved.

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The quote I used in the article can be found in the story linked below.

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One of the dumbest things I have read in awhile.

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