Zevia natural diet soda

Zevia natural diet soda

Here is another drink that our household has just recently started consuming. Like Phix Energy Zevia uses stevia as it’s source for sweetness. Depending on who you read there are some conflicting opinions on stevia. This was one of the key reasons I had stayed away from products that used it as an ingredient in the past. Sometimes people forget that just because it comes from nature this doesn’t mean it is good for you. After looking at a variety of different sources I decided that stevia was alright to consume. Really when compared to many of the other ingredients people consume in drinks stevia is rather tame. Honestly I have greatly reduced my consumption of more traditional beverages. I do still on occasion have a Pepsi or Coke. Especially when I can get Coke with vanilla flavoring. If you were to compare the drink selection in our house now compared to a few years back the change is drastic. I’ve definitely made what I consider to be the more extreme change. Almost everything I drink now has a more natural base.

ZEVIA Ginger Ale and ZEVIA Ginger Root Beer are the two flavors we currently have in stock in the house. The Ginger Ale is a much lighter taste than other Ginger Ale drinks I have had. Meaning the flavor isn’t as overpowering. The Ginger Root Beer isn’t what I am used to tasting from what I consider root beer. Now there are several things that should be kept in mind. One is that I’m not a big diet soda fan. Traditional diet soda makes me retch. Cheryl loves the stuff and prefers it. Zevia doesn’t leave me with the nasty aftertaste of normal diet soda. The second thing I’d mention is that maybe my taste buds aren’t geared for a more natural world. Many natural drinks just don’t seem to have as powerful a flavor as the more common soda brands. I had at least one person heavily debate me in regards to my opinion of Kombucha Tea.

With all that said Zevia has been purchased at least twice now. Normally if I really dislike something it doesn’t get a second chance. Zevia definitely has a different taste than what most people are used to. It’s not so radically different you shouldn’t try some for yourself. Our local store only carries the two flavors mentioned above and cola. I haven’t tasted the cola yet.

ZEVIA soda

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