Pacific Natural Foods Organic Peach Iced Tea

Pacific Natural Foods Organic Peach Iced Tea

Here is another beverage I have been drinking for awhile now. I love the taste of Pacific Natural Foods Organic Peach Iced Tea. Well that is as long as you drink it quickly. I had never had an issue with the taste of this product until a few weeks ago. For some reason I ended up having the worst taste ever from taking a drink of this tea. That day Cheryl had made a big deal about shaking it up before I poured a glass. So I obnoxiously shook the container to make her happy. After taking a drink I immediately spit it out and poured the rest of the glass down the drain. Now let me state I’ve drank many boxes of this exact brand with no problems. But this one time was not a good experience. At the time I wasn’t sure what happened. I figured maybe I just agitated something to much to cause the problem. Either way I asked Cheryl to not get this brand for a bit. Even though I really like it.

So fast forward a week and what did she buy? The box of Pacific Natural Foods Organic Peach Iced Tea you see pictured above. Which had no taste problems whatsoever. What was the difference? Well this is just a guess but maybe the previous box had been left opened in the icebox for to long. Honestly I didn’t think that box had been in there for an extended period of time. Normally once I pop open one of these it goes fast. As the picture shows there is a big warning on the top stating to consume within a specific time frame after opening. That is one of biggest issues with this brand. The pull top opener is completely useless and always breaks off. Making opening the product a real pain. I’m sure the package is designed this way for a reason. But it makes for a horrible end user experience.

I’m a big fan of our Mighty Leaf Tea. But the Pacific Natural Foods Organic Peach Iced Tea is less hassle because it’s pre-made and packaged. No need to put a kettle on and make my own ice tea. Mighty Leaf Tea does offer some pre-packaged teas as well. Have yet to try them though.

Pacific Natural Foods Organic

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Pacific Natural Foods Organic Peach Iced Tea

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