A butterfly in the grass

A butterfly in the grass

Yes our grass isn’t looking the best in this picture. Keep in mind that this is an area being patched at the moment. Dirt was added earlier this year from a construction site across the street to level out this part of the yard. For various reasons it’s been a pain to keep weed free. Trying to keep things natural can be frustrating. The seed that was used of course is some bio-engineered product. Hard to find seed that hasn’t been messed with in some way nowadays.

While waiting for the garage door installer to show up the other day I saw this butterfly just chilling out on the blades of grass. I ran back inside to get the camera hoping it would still be there when I got back. Right as I’m coming out of the house the installer pulls up. He must have found it weird that I was taking pictures of the grass. I’d venture a guess that he didn’t see the butterfly.

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