Is the cure – antivirus Worse than the disease – virus, trojan or worm

In real medicine I feel many wonder the same thing. At times you see the side effects listed on the warning labels of medicine and you begin to wonder if the cure is worse than the disease itself. I'd tend to believe that if you took a survey of average computer users at this time. That many of these individuals would state they feel that some antivirus software is more hassle than getting an actual virus. Over the years I've heard various reasons from people as to why they don't use security software. Many just don't think a real threat exist. Others feel they don't have anything on their machines that they are worried about losing. Then some have the view point that a good image backup saves the day. So there is no need to secure their computers. To much hassle to use and resource usage are big factors that always seem to be discussed as well.
There is one current article and another forum thread. That are asking if the resource usage of some antivirus products is to high of a cost for security. At least one person is asking if the cure is actually worse than the disease. Meaning that some antivirus put such a drain on system resources that it is similar to having a computer virus or malware installed on the machine. Security software is always having to tow the line when it comes to securing things while using the least amount of resources. Many popular security software products have been called resource hogs at one time or another. Although many would point to some resource friendly solutions. I'm not 100% sure these are as effective as some other products. In the past users have claimed my choice of antivirus Kaspersky was a drain on resources. In older versions some amount of tweaking was needed to make sure this didn't occur. With newer versions this has become less of an issue. I guess the question becomes how much resource usage is worth being secure? A machine that is secure yet doesn't function as it should isn't really worth having. This would be similar to if you were in fact infected with some form of malware.

While I feel most popular security software is either resource friendly or can be tweaked to be so. This is a factor that should be considered when your looking to buy security software. Although keep in mind that the more features and options. The more likely that software will have a heavy hit on your resource usage. Many suite type of products have become much more resource friendly over the past few years. So this shouldn't be a reason for not using such a product. Just keep in mind to read reviews of security software products your wanting to buy. Reading reviews from more than just one site is always recommended. In the end I'd hope you'd come back here to make your final purchase though. I offer many of the top security software vendors on this site.
My feeling at this time. Is that the cure isn't worse than the disease. The disease is actually become increasingly more of a threat on a daily basis. A quick read of many security forums shows this to be the case. Virus, trojans, worms and malware are all causing serious harm to home users and businesses. While this may seem to be a scare tactic to get you to purchase these products. The threat is real and you should have defenses in place. There are of course non reputable sites selling bogus antivirus, antispyware and other security products. So customers need to do their homework. Or stick with well known brands that have a known reputation. Though I'd have to say that some of the more well known brands aren't always the best source of protection.  

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