Concern Weed Prevention Plus 100% Natural Corn Gluten

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Applying the product was simple. Just cut open the bottom of the package and then shake the contents onto the lawn. The packaging is setup to make this process painless.

“Proper timing of the application is critical for good weed control. Apply it in late March to mid-April, at least three to five weeks before the crabgrass seeds germinate. Spread it evenly over the lawn at a rate of 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet and water it lightly into the soil. After watering, let the soil dry out somewhat so that the sprouted weed seedlings dry up and die. CGM can also be applied in mid-August to control late-season annual weeds.”

If this product works as advertised. I’ll once again be wondering why people continue to use poisonous products over more natural options. I still don’t understand why people refuse to accept vinegar as the effective weed and ant killing product that it is. No matter how many times I have shown people the results they still use the more harmful chemicals. Which seems even more silly to me when looking at cost. You get more for your money with vinegar.

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Concern Weed Prevention Plus 100% Natural Corn Gluten pre-emergent herbicide

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“When used as directed, Weed Prevention Plus will not harm beneficial insects, soil organisms, pond, or stream life. There’s no waiting, warnings, or worries. Safe for Children and Pets Weed Prevention Plus is composed of 100% granulated corn gluten meal. Children and pets can play on the lawn immediately after application. ”

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