Japanese will get to watch adult content ( porno ) on PSP

This really shouldn't be any big surprise. In Japan this type of content is much more mainstream and socially accepted. Over here in the good ole USA we still want to put our puritan foot forward. The next generation gaming devices are going to have some interesting features. When I was doing some reading yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to see that downward compatibility is finally on companies minds. There is nothing worse than buying a gaming system. Then not being able to play your old games on the new machine. I know the Japanese have had adult oriented games with game systems in the past. But I'm really not sure how many people want to watch their porn on a video game machine. Although a cultural difference has been shown in the past. Many things that take off their. Don't do so when they are released over here in the States. The one exception has been RPG video games. Game companies and producers finally learned that Americans love a good RPG just as much as the Japanese.

Porn flicks to play on Japanese PSPs

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