Marla Moo cow Illinois State Fair 2009

Marla Moo cow Illinois State Fair 2009

Every year since I became aware of Marla Moo cow I’ve made sure to get pictures. Last year was no exception but I never got a photo posted here. Last night we ventured out to the 2009 Illinois State Fair. After eating some less than yummy fair food we headed for the dairy building. If you pick the right side of this structure you will find Marla Moo waiting for you at the door. Unfortunately the butter cow still upstages Marla. Very few people seem to give her a second glance. Even when they see me taking a picture. I finally got around to fixing my 2006 Marla Moo article. It along with many others became broken when I moved this site from Blogware to WordPress. When I get time I manually fix these older articles. One link in the original story needs a mend as well. I’ll try to get to that in the next few days.

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