Fried soda pop at the 2009 Illinois State Fair

Everyone seems to be talking about fried Pepsi this year at the Illinois State Fair. Honestly over the years I haven’t tried all the various foods that have been dropped into a deep fryer. As far as I’m aware we can blame all the British fish and chip shops for this deep fried craze. I could be wrong but it seems like we didn’t see people dropping all kinds of food and candy into fryers until after different articles covered this being done over in Britain. Although I’d tend to bet someone will say there were people here in United States experimenting as well.

As I mentioned I haven’t jumped on this crazy train. But every year the local news does. It seems to now be the thing to report each year. What are they dropping into a fryer this year at the fair. Well that answer would seem to be soda. It’s not just Pepsi though. There are a few other liquid options. While I figured this would end up being a big taste disaster I actually give fried Pepsi a thumbs up. This treat is basically pastry, powdered sugar and Pepsi in the middle. There supposedly are some trade secrets involved in how to make this desert.

I think one article that mentioned this latest fair food covered the fact of how to obtain it. You see there is a bit of a trick to getting your mouth around one of these. It would seem simple enough. Step up to the vendor booth and order. But it’s not. There really is no sign etc guiding you properly to make your purchase. What you need to do is head right next door to Porky’s ( on the right ). Like the pig or that somewhat naughty movie from years ago. You place your order at Porky’s then you head back to the Fried Soda Pop tent. There you will show the cook your ticket and let them know which soda you would like deep fried.

You will find all this madness happening right in front of the entrance for the Sky Ride at Gate 2 for the Illinois State Fair Grounds.

Keep in mind that Coke and others have previously been deep fried. I’ve never had any of these culinary delights.

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