Electric Comuta-Car outside Sierra Club tent Illinois State Fair 2009

Electric Comuta-Car outside Sierra Club tent Illinois State Fair 2009

You can imagine my surprise when I passed the Sierra Club tent inside Conservation World once again today. This treasure hadn’t been parked there the day before. One of my first thoughts when seeing this type of vehicle is here is what caused all the problems with the image of electric vehicles. The second thought is always good for them. Whoever is driving is doing their best to lead by example. However their is no denying that this type of electric car is the reason people think golf cart when talking about using an electric engine in a vehicle. Granted many of these same people are hypocrites if they are doing business at the fair. Considering they have no problem driving golf carts like speed racer all over the fairgrounds. Battery power sure seems to get them where they need to be then.

I think history has shown time and again that vehicles like the one above don’t have mass market appeal. That isn’t to say there is a problem with the technology or that it won’t meet most peoples needs. I’ll be honest and say that I wouldn’t want to have this as a daily driver. Although I would love to own an all electric car. Of course there was mass interest when gas prices were at their highest point last year. Everyone was running news articles about these types of cars. Now that the price of gas has come down somewhat you would be hard pressed to find anyone talking about these vehicles.

If I remember correctly the car pictured above may have been one of the electrics to get major press last year. For years there used to be an electric car parked on South Grand by the clock shop. I’m not sure if the one above was it. What I am sure of is this car is the one that got a ton of coverage last year. I’m now rereading those articles. And this isn’t the electric car that used to be parked on South Grand Avenue.

The Comuta-Car caught everyone’s eyes when it was heading up the hill and heading out of Conservation World when the take shelter do to extreme storms warning was taking place.

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