Automotive X PRIZE competitor Illuminati Motor Works Q & A

18. What does Illuminati Motor Works need to help accomplish its goal of winning the Automotive X PRIZE competition?

Kevin, Nate, Josh, George, Thomas:

Money, we accept donations, luck, prayers, and understanding wives. Donations can be made directly through Paypal on the donations page of our website.


Knowledge and information is also very helpful. We are only five guys, five of the smartest guys I know and best friends I have, but no matter how much we know we have a lot to learn and could never be fluent in every field required to build a car. We can use help from everybody from guy at the parts counter at O’Rielly’s, to the electric motor manufacturer. I couldn’t tell you how much I don’t know, in fact if I tried I probably wouldn’t know where to start, but I’ve learned a lot from everyone that’s taken the time to talk with me since we began this journey and I’m grateful to each and ever one of them. So never underestimate what you might know…or what I may not know…and keep the help, advise, support words, and words of wisdom coming. Thank You

19. Will you maintain ownership of any ideas and concepts submitted to the Automotive X PRIZE competition?


We retain all rights to ideas and concepts submitted to the XPRIZE foundation, however we’ll have to be careful not to accidentally release proprietary information to the public ourselves.

20. How are you using the Internet to increase awareness about your team and its efforts?


In every way we can. Web page, Face Book, Twitter, You Tube, on line blogs, etc. It is our primary means to get information out to the public and our fans… which by the way you can join the Illuminated by checking out our Face Book site and signing up…I’m sometimes a little slow on updating the blogs or pics, luckily my wife is a big help there, she’s our web master, and fills in, takes quotes, adds pics, and everything else we need to keep things up and running.

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