Got SUV?

Got SUV?

Here is a shining example of what is wrong with America. I’m not against larger vehicles. But what bothers me is the owner of this Toyota is proud that they are using foreign resources that make the country they live in less independent. This person seems proud to be burning up fossil fuels. Granted it’s a Toyota so they might be getting better fuel economy. But this is doubtful because it has been reported that larger Toyota vehicles don’t match the green marketing machine Prius. I would expect better from someone who very well could be a farmer or cattle producer. You would think these would be the people promoting an American agenda. Sorry to have to tell you folks but being green is smart from a profit basis and in the sense that you make your country less reliant on others for resources to keep things running. Unfortunately the majority of people in the United States just don’t understand this.

If I remember right this vehicle was parked outside of the coliseum at the Illinois State Fairgrounds this year.

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