Krekel’s Custard and Hamburgers – Springfield IL

It looks as if Krekel’s Custard finally got their own website. None of the stores have had an internet presence in the past. As far as I’m aware. So it’s nice to finally see that the Springfield, IL location now seems to have it’s own official website. Although it’s rather sad to see that it is hosted on Yahoo GeoCities. If the site takes off this will in fact hurt traffic. Do to the fact that Yahoo has a usage limit placed on each of their free site accounts. It might make a bit more sense to go with someone likeĀ Homestead for your hosting services. Either way it’s nice to see the restaurant now seems to have an official homepage. Prices for the menu items aren’t currently included on the website. If your interested in seeing prices for the listed menu items. You can find them below.

Krekel’s Custard Menu

Krekel’s Custard and Hamburgers

Springfield, IL

For more background and information on Krekel’s Custard. Please see my previous article below. This also includes addresses and phone numbers of all the Krekel’s central Illinois locations. Including the Grandview / Springfield, IL restaurant.

Krekel’s Custard & Hamburgers opening in Pawnee IL May 23, 2005

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