Children’s Cancer Research Benefit

When I first started this blog In the beginning I stated I really didn’t feel like doing a personal blog. A few times I’ve let a bit of personal content slip in. With a few personal pictures and the like. This is another one of those situations. I’d like to ask that anyone who has a company or can make a personal donation to consider doing just that for this benefit Benefit for Children’s Oncology Group. That link will direct you to my previous blog post on this. I truly feel that the research done in regards to children’s cancer can benefit all ages. Unfortunately there are very few of us who can say we don’t know someone we care about who has been affected by this disease. Maybe one day research such as this will make that less of an occurrence. This benefit is just around the corner on Saturday November 13, 2004. If you’d rather not send a check or you don’t have any items you’d like to donate. Please consider making a donation using the Paypal button on the left hand side. In the “payment for” area please add that it is for the Children’s Oncology Group. This method accepts all major credit cards. 100% of the proceeds are going to this organization. Since the medical expenses of the family have been paid by insurance and the state. They decided to show their appreciation for the groups work by holding this benefit. Even though as a family they could definitely use the extra money. The decision was made to give back to this research group. As a thank you and to hopefully help further their work in regards to this disease. In my opinion it is very rare that people make such a selfless decision to give back to others before themselves. Please consider applauding this effort by making a donation. Thank You. The benefit website is I think companies without a strong web presence would find donating very beneficial. Even those looking to further increase their web presence would benefit from donating. Many of the current donor companies had no web presence. After their donation you can now easily find their company using Google.

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