Double rainbow Illinois State Fair Gate 2

Double rainbow Illinois State Fair Gate 2

As we got off the tram at Gate 2 this evening both Cheryl & I noticed a rainbow. At the time I wasn’t aware it was a double. Only after I start taking pictures and heard someone in the crowd say it was a double rainbow did I take notice of that. You can just barely make out the second rainbow on the left in this picture. It was starting to rain and I was in a hurry to catch up with Cheryl who was heading towards Porky’s BBQ for dinner. Last night at the Illinois State Fair she was in the mood for barbeque. Mike Mills’s 17th Street Bar & Grill didn’t seem to have rib tips so Cheryl didn’t want to eat there. I’m thinking that we may have to get some food there on Saturday if we go to the fair.

For the record walking backwards and taking pictures isn’t safe. I almost fell or tripped a few times backing up for a better shot of the double rainbow. I’m not really happy with any of the shots I got. The food at Porky’s has good. It seemed to get cold faster tonight because of the outside temperature. Business for this vendor and others seemed to be doing good considering the weather conditions.

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