Smiling kid at Coleman’s Cozy Dog

Smiling kid at Coleman's Cozy Dog

Credit has to be given to Cheryl for catching this. She said something to me about it at the time. We were riding the Illinois State Fair tram and I was just taking random pictures. Honestly it is rare I actually focus on the people in the photo. Unless that is the reason I’m taking the shot. My intention was to get a picture of the Coleman’s Cozy Dog stand. Never gave much thought to the three kids who were also in the picture. Until Cheryl told me one of them was smiling for the camera.

We picked up some food at Coleman’s Cozy Dog this evening. 1 lemonade shake-up and 2 fried cheese on a stick. Our main meal was at Porky’s BBQ. You will find Coleman’s Cozy Dog a little ways down the road on the left after you enter the main gate. There is the big Welcome to the Jungle sign then Dippin Dots ice cream stand. Just a few doors down will be Coleman’s Cozy Dog.

The servers at Coleman’s were polite and the food was good. Cheryl had a fried cheese on a stick that was already made. I waited for them to make a fresh one since they didn’t have 2 ready when we ordered.

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