Old Florida Key Lime Pie Company Illinois State Fair

Old Florida Key Lime Pie Company Illinois State Fair

Old Florida Key Lime Pie Company was located right where you would catch the Illinois State Fair tram. I’ve been unable to find a website in relation to product above. What I can tell you is this vendor was serving a frozen slice of key lime pie. This slice of pie was for lime lovers only. Definitely a very strong lime taste. I have never been to Key West so I have no previous experience for a comparison. Supposedly the key lime pie being sold above came directly from Key West.

Flavor of this treat was a bit strong for me. I wouldn’t eat this on a regular basis. Although I did make a purchase at the location above twice during this years fair. Both times I ate frozen key lime pie.

From my reading this was Poe’s Old Florida Key Lime Co. stand. I thought we had a vendor selling something similar in years past. But article I read stated this was this vendors first time selling this product at Illinois State Fair.

Florida Key Lime Pie, 12 inch pie (uncut)

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