I’m in Sioux Falls South Dakota

I'm currently in Sioux Falls, South Dakota typing this on a horrible EMachines pc that is running Microsoft Windows 98. The internet connection isn't exactly the best . But it will do. Although I don't have a laptop. The lobby of this Super 8 has a pc with internet access for guest. We'll be heading to Rapid City, South Dakota for a few days stay tomorrow. We just got done attending the Falls Park light show. We haven't had dinner do to the fact that only the Flying J truckstop is open to serve food this late. I guess we'll be heading to bed soon and calling it a night. If I get lucky and find more free internet access along the way. I'll drop a couple more post in. This pc really is far from user friendly. But it will get the job done for tonight.

We just got back from Mount Rusmore a few hours ago. The weather here today in Rapid City, South Dakota was extremely overcast this morning. So when we got to Keystone, SD to view Mount Rushmore we couldn't see a thing. It was only after going out to the walking path that is in front of the monument that we could actually start to see the presidents faces. Later on in the day the fog lifted and the sun came out. You could then see the world famous carvings in all of their glory. I'm currently using the Rapid City public library internet access to post this. I'm limit to only 1 hour of internet usage. So I can't make this to long. We'll be leaving South Dakota tomorrow morning. The end of this part of the journey will be Seattle, Washington and the Gnomedex conference. I'll try to find access over the next few days. To keep everyone updated on our trip progress. Hopefully things will continue to go fairly smooth. If I had more time. I'd love to review some of the sites and places we've seen or stayed at. But since my time is limited I'm going to try and keep things short.

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