I’m in Butte Montana today

Well I have to give Super 8 another thumbs up. This Super 8 in Butte, Montana actually has a rather nice business center. No air conditioning if you close the door for privacy. But it has a nice Gateway E Series running Microsoft XP. It's running off a wireless connection being accessed using a Netgear Wireless USB Adapter. The business center also includes a Lexmark printer. Remember these printers are the ones that spy on you. The center also includes a Brother fax machine ( model IntelliFAX 1250 ).

We ran into one heck of a thunderstorm with severe winds on the way here today. It's no fun almost being blown off the side of a mountain. But obviously we have made it here safely. The weather here is now turning a little sour. With a little bit of a sprinkle starting late this evening.

If all goes well myself and my girlfriend should be arriving in Seattle, Washington for Gnomedex tomorrow evening. The weather for that region isn't looking exactly wonderful for the next few days. This would be just about my luck. That it will rain the entire time I'm there. I was looking forward to trying to get to a few of the local attractions the first day we got into Seattle. Hopefully I may be able to find sort of internet access during my stay. So that I can add a few updates in regards to the conference. It's looking a little bleak at this time.

I do have a cd burner with this pc at the Super 8 motel. So I'm able to get all the pictures off the SD memory and onto CDR. This will give me a good amount of memory for taking pictures during the conference this year.

Hopefully I'm going to get a few pictures added here. After I get done with this.

I forgot to mention that this business center in the Butte, MT Super 8 is in it's own private room. The pc is newer and much cleaner. The previous Super 8 had an old EMachines running 32 RAM with Windows 98 and the keyboard looked as if it should have a biohazard warning on it. The one here in Butte is much cleaner and has a very comfortable chair. If you in the Butte, Montana area I'd recommend staying here. It's not cheap. But the rooms are nice and the free internet access is a plus as well. There is of course only one pc to fight over though.

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