Billy Goat Tavern & Grill Chicago

For years I’ve wanted to visit the Billy Goat Tavern & Grill in Chicago. In 2007 I ate at the Billy Goat located within Navy Pier. But until this year I’d never been to the original location where it all started. How I ended up at the Billy Goat Tavern is an interesting story. It starts in the evening of day 2 at BlogHer 2009 . Cheryl and I had just finished up a long but interesting conversation with a couple inside the Sheraton Hotel. We decided to head outside to enjoy the water view. Many other BlogHer attendees where doing the same. At some point we ended up having a conversation with two people also attending the conference.

The usual conference conversation started up. Who are you what do you do etc etc. From there some interesting discussions actually ended up taking place. Somewhere in the discussion Billy Goats came up. I can’t remember if it was Krista AKA Londonelicious who mentioned her having breakfast there. I think Cheryl or myself may have mentioned the Billy Goat then Krista told us she had eaten her morning meal there. Honestly until then I was completely unaware Billy Goat’s served breakfast. Although just looking at a picture from 2007 I should have remembered this fact.

We eventually moved onto other subjects. As the conversation started to wind down everyone was trying to figure out what they were going to do for the rest of the night. Somehow we end up getting invited to head for Billy Goat’s with Alanna ( A Veggie Venture ) and Krista. Honestly this was rather unexpected. I had figured we’d all end up going our separate ways. Luckily that wasn’t the case. Since Krista had previously lived in Chicago there was no need for GPS directions. Our new tour guide was on autopilot.

Even though we live in Illinois spending a lot of time in Chicago isn’t something we do. So it was nice to have someone who didn’t mind showing us around and willingly giving us a great guided tour of the area on the way to our destination. Billy Goat’s is only a few long city blocks from the Sheraton Hotel. After crossing Michigan Ave right in front of the Chicago Tribune building you will come to a set of stairs leading to the lower levels of Chicago. The stairs will not only take you to the World Famous Billy Goat Tavern & Grill. You will also be engulfed in the sights and smells that are old school Chicago. A couple nights before when our GPS had us running around in circles we came across the Billy Goat sign. For some reason that evening the neighborhood just reeked of sewage. That road sign is about a block from the tavern entrance. The evening we actually entered Billy Goat’s there was only a slight smell. But when you’re in the underbelly of any large city you can expect to come across these things.

The picture above is one of many I took that evening. This shows the entrance to the tavern / restaurant. To the right would be where the stairs we came down are located. Once you step into the doors you will be walking into a place filled with history. I could have spent hours just reading and looking at all the memorabilia. It took me awhile to get inside from taking pictures. When I finally arrived our small group was at a table on the left side of the building. A waiter was already taking drink orders when I got there. Since I was just getting seated I had no clue what I wanted. On his next visit I ordered a Coke with a cheeseburger. I hadn’t been feeling to well all weekend and wasn’t wanting to push things by eating a large amount of food.

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  1. It might have been worth it. I wasn’t wanting to head back to the hotel & be bored. Of course I wouldn’t think of heading to any of the BlogHer after parties by myself. So lets see = spend evening with laptop or eat Chicago hot dog while watching people even more odd & interesting than myself. The last choice might have been more fun.

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