Billy Goat Tavern & Grill Chicago

The ordering of a Coke actually leads to an interesting part of our evening. Everyone knows the Saturday Night Live skit that made Billy Goat’s famous around the world. But our waiter was asked if the sign outside had always said “Cheezborger, Cheezborger, Cheezborger. No Pepsi. Coke,”. Because everyone else remembered John Belushi saying No Coke, Pepsi. The waiter stated the sign had always been the way it was ever since he started working there many years ago. Wikipedia has a footnote that states clearly that the words in the skit and what is actually on the sign at Billy Goat Tavern & Grill aren’t the same. Cheryl just reminded me that she actually walked in with a Diet Pepsi she had from the conference. Pepsi was a BlogHer 09 sponsor. So various Pepsi products were being given out. A quick look on YouTube shows the No Pepsi Coke controversy is in full bloom. One video shows the Navy Pier employees say No Coke Pepsi. Maybe Navy Pier has an exclusive vending contract with Pepsi. I don’t know.

You would think since I was in the company of food writers I would have talked about the food already. It was interesting to hear these writers mention they should take pictures of their meal. I have only done this on a few occasions. Very rarely do any of these get turned into articles. Honestly I have the same opinion I had in 2007. A Billy Goat Burger isn’t the best burger I have ever had but I would have no problem eating another one ( I’d prefer a Krekel Burger even though it has a bunch of grease ). For a single cheeseburger there is just to much bread. Although the bun does have a good flavor. The burger itself didn’t seem to have a lot of grease. While I didn’t get a flavor explosion from the Billy Goat cheeseburger it’s better than many others I have eaten. Your not going to the goat for gourmet food anyway. A trip to Billy Goat’s is about history and years gone by. It’s about stepping back in time while still enjoying a reasonably priced meal.

Customer service seemed alive and well at the Billy Goat Tavern & Grill. Although our waiter did disappear towards the end of the evening. A lady working behind the counter that night almost forgot to say thank you for coming in. But at the last minute caught this. You would be surprised how many places forget this simple way of letting a customer know their business was appreciated.

Now for the one downside of the evening. Krista was telling all of us about The Wieners Circle and how we should go there for a Chicago Hot Dog. Cheryl and Alanna didn’t seem up for it. At this point I was still not feeling well but was definitely game to head to a hot dog stand where employees cuss customers out and worse. But it was just a tease. All of us pay our bills and start the walk back to the Sheraton. On our way to the hotel I did make a few sales for the Good Humor ice cream guy. But that is another much shorter story.

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  1. It might have been worth it. I wasn’t wanting to head back to the hotel & be bored. Of course I wouldn’t think of heading to any of the BlogHer after parties by myself. So lets see = spend evening with laptop or eat Chicago hot dog while watching people even more odd & interesting than myself. The last choice might have been more fun.

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