Billy Goat Tavern lower level entrance

Billy Goat Tavern lower level entrance

This stairway to head below to the Billy Goat Tavern & Grill is located in front of the Chicago Tribune Tower. I took a couple of pictures at this location. Honestly I didn’t take as many as I wanted to because there were to many people around and everyone I was with seemed in a hurry. The backpacks owner took off to the right side of this picture. Not sure if he was staying out of the picture or was just off doing something. I never fully figured out what was going on with the couple. Not sure if they were making up, making out, fighting, avoid my camera or just having a hard life. It wasn’t my intention to take a photo of them. I just wanted the sign as we headed down to eat at the Billy Goat.

I use high intensity mode at night so I don’t have to use a flash. Sometimes this gives me great quality. While other times the results are less than satisfying. Couple this with high speed continuous mode to get shots quick and you don’t always end up with the shot you want. The picture above came out OK especially for me taking it quickly. But of course it could have been much better.

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