Good Humor Ice Cream truck in front of Sheraton Hotel Chicago

Good Humor Ice Cream truck in front of Sheraton Hotel Chicago

On our way back from the Billy Goat Tavern & Grill I saw this Good Humor Ice Cream truck parked in front of the Sheraton Hotel Chicago. I don’t ever recall seeing anyone selling ice cream from a truck at any other hotels we have stayed at. Can’t remember the last time I had seen a Good Humor truck to be honest. I took several quick photos of this vehicle. Some included the other members of our group that evening. Those didn’t come out to bad but this one I thought was better. I can’t remember if anyone other than me bought ice cream. I’m not even sure what I purchased. What I can tell you is that as I’m walking back in the hotel. My I’m double fisting it comment didn’t seem to go over well with Alanna. If I remember correctly I was carry my drink from Billy Goat’s and trying to eat my quickly melting treat fast.

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