LorLen Candles Wilton Iowa

LorLen Candles Wilton Iowa

So why was I hanging out at a candle shop? I was actually asking this same exact question on the way there. It’s all simple enough. Cheryl has a client and one of their businesses is the candle shop pictured above. When on the road if we are passing close to one of her clients we like to stop in. For a number of years we have been driving past the Wilton Iowa exit on I-80. This was the first year we actually took the detour.

All this was prearranged of course. Cheryl knew we would be spending some time in the Quad Cities and Wilton is only about a 20 minute drive from there. While I usual don’t mind meeting new people a candle shop isn’t my typical stomping grounds. The drive into town was fairly uneventful. I-80 was it’s usual mess. This American Interstate needs to be at least six lanes.

LorLen Candles isn’t open on Monday’s. So we would be getting a VIP tour. Cheryl had to place a call to let everyone know we had made it to Wilton. While waiting for our host we hung out across the street at the Wilton Candy Kitchen. I’ll cover that adventure later. This is where all of us met before heading back across the street to the candle shop. Which sells much more than just candles. If you stop in you will find a wide variety of products.

Our discussions inside the shop covered some of it’s history. But also a very wide selection of other topics. The last place you would expect a mild heated debate to take place is inside a candle store. I’d mentioned we purchase our soaps from a maker in Iowa. LorLen Candles also sells homemade soaps but not from the person who makes ours.

Next time your traveling down I-80 near the Iowa Illinois border. Considering taking a quick detour to Wilton, Iowa. There aren’t any big highway signs announcing tourist stops there. Although I’d tend to bet you might find a few things that make it worth stopping. Everyone we came across that day treated us well. Something you can’t say about many towns nowadays.

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