Computer Banc has shut it’s doors

Computer Banc has officially closed it’s doors. The computer parts recycling and community outreach has shutdown do to funding issues. Honestly I wasn’t aware the local Springfield organization was having that hard of a time. This news is frustrating for two reasons. Now families who can’t afford to purchase a computer won’t have the option to receive a machine from Computer Banc. Some of the recycled hardware was put to this use over the years. I’m not aware of any other group locally that provides computers to families who can’t afford them. In many cases it’s these people who would most benefit from having access to the hardware and Internet.

Of course the second part of the equation is now local residents have one less option in regards to recycling old computer components. It’s hard enough getting consumers to understand that their machines need to be recycled. Even harder to actually get these people to not just pitch this equipment into a landfill. Now that there is one less place to try and properly dispose of this material the recycling task will become even harder. I’d venture a guess that you will now see more older hardware being placed in the garbage or taken to area dumps.

Computer Banc type of programs are a key way to solve multiple problems at once. Waste and environmental damage is reduced while also helping those who could benefit from using older technology that many of us may find less desirable. Our community has lost a valuable service. Although I’m sure many might not see it that way. Hopefully the hardware that is in stock inside the Computer Banc warehouse will be disposed of properly. It would be ashame if this financial crisis caused the organization to step away from what I feel was one of it’s core values. To properly handle and make use of eWaste.

This is another example of how many of us take places like this for granted. I know there have been many times my household has said we should give money to this or that. But in many cases we don’t ended up following through. Of course there can be good reasons for this. Yet many times it just comes down to putting it aside or taking the charities efforts for granted.

Here is the message you see when visiting the Computer Banc website now.

Computer Banc Closed

It is with deep sadness that the Board of Directors of Computer Banc has made the difficult decision to close Computer Banc effective September 2, 2009 at 4:00 P.M.

The economy has hurt many businesses (both for profit & not for profit). The availability of grant money has dried up, business community financial support has slowed way down, our fundraising efforts have not been successful and our flow of incoming equipment has come to a grinding stop.

The Computer Banc Board of Directors greatly appreciates all of the work that has been done over the last 10 years in support of Computer Banc’s ever-important mission.

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