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I’ve had several people the past few days tell me they are in the market for either new computer parts or they are wanting to buy a whole new system. So I figured I’d drop a post on this site to direct them to some companies that I’ve used in the past and present. Yes I am an affiliate of all of these vendors. So if you make a purchase from them I will get a small to sizeable commission. Keep in mind this in no way increases the sale price you pay. And your buying directly from that companies website. The only difference is the cookie that is placed on your machine lets that vendor know you came from my site. So that they can in fact give me credit for that sale and the commission that I’m due.

I’m hoping in the near future to be able to upgrade several major components in my machine. When I have the money. I will upgrade the motherboard, processor ( CPU ), heatsink, power supply and memory ( RAM ). My current parts will go into another case for my girlfriend. Her current machine will be put in a new case with an upgraded power supply and given to her mom and dad.

Many people prefer not to build their own system. Personally I’ve found this to be a more expensive option. But for me it is more satisfying. Because I’m the one who built it and I know the quality ( or lack of ) the parts that I’ve used. For those people who are wanting to buy a prebuilt machine. I’d still have to recommend Dell for the average consumer. Although the quality of their support over the past few years has declined. The company has also started to pre-load their systems with software that some people find a bit distasteful from a security perspective. This isn’t really any different from other major pc manufacturers. In the past Dell didn’t do this as heavily as their competition.

The past few years I’ve bought all my computer parts from TigerDirect. Some people feel they are little higher priced than some vendors. But I don’t feel their prices are that much higher than the competition. TigerDirect also has always been good about shipping my items fast and in some cases getting my purchase to me next day. Even when I have not paid for this level of shipping. It helps that they ship from around the Chicago area and that I live in Central Illinois. Keep in mind TigerDirect sells pre-built systems from several different manufacturers as well. The company also offers other electronics.

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If your in the market to upgrade your computers memory ( RAM ) you can either use TigerDirect above to select from a wide selection of manufacturers or buy direct from one of the vendors listed below. On any new machine I build I’ll be using Corsair memory purchased from TigerDirect. In the past I’ve used Crucial and Kingston memory with no complaints. Keep in mind to be very careful when selecting RAM for your machine. It is easy for most people to mismatch sticks. So make sure your purchasing RAM sticks that will work with your current memory. Or when purchasing new RAM buying matched sticks that you know will work in your machine.

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