Disaster Radio Network on Route 4

Disaster Radio Network on Route 4

This morning as we left Chatham, IL the Disaster Radio Network car was spotted. I’m not sure if there are multiple vehicles with these URL’s painted on. What I can tell you is the driver didn’t look like Ray Lytle. From a quick glance there was only one person in the car. I didn’t have my camera ready and we had to slow down to get a couple of shots. None of which came out great. But the one above will serve the purpose none the less.

Most area locals know the long history of Ray Lytle & crew. For those who don’t or for anyone interested in his current projects. Have a look at the links I’ll provide below. If my memory is working correctly I first crossed paths with Ray when I was a much younger less hefty version of my current self. That was years ago in a small building in Jacksonville, IL. Former home of WYMG.

It’s nice to open the newspaper and see an old friend

Looks as if CBGB’s may have lost the fight

Disaster Radio Network Crazy Talk, Alternative Rock and Ray Lytle

It’s Not Classic Rock It’s THROWBACKROCK

Breaking Curfew with Ray Lytle