Wilton Candy Kitchen

The Wilton Candy Kitchen was the first stop during our trip to LorLen Candles in Wilton Iowa. After we parked I headed out into the street to take some pictures of the area. We had some time to wait before the owners of LorLen Candles could meet up with us. So we headed inside the Wilton Candy Kitchen. When you enter it’s like stepping back into a time long gone. There is of course a mix of the old and new. When you enter you will see a display case and rows of candy to your left. On the right you will see the soda fountain counter.

Depending on the time of day you will see George Nopoulos behind the counter alone or with his wife Thelma. The first time we walked into the Wilton Candy Kitchen it was just George working. After visiting LorLen Candles we headed back for lunch. Thelma was behind the counter as well for our second visit that day. I was told it is Thelma who writes all the handwritten menus on the various glass inside the old building. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen anything like it.

What is on the menu is simple enough. You can get a grilled sandwich or tuna, ham, chicken salad. Along with various types of handmade ice cream, deserts and drinks. The prices are very reasonable. I didn’t see any fancy ingredients. Everything I saw seemed off the shelf store bought. You’ll be able to watch your food and other items being made right in front of you. There is a hand press grill used to make the sandwiches.

Keep in mind when visiting Wilton Candy Kitchen that you shouldn’t be in a hurry. There is a much slower laid back environment when you walk inside these doors. You will be treated with good conversation and courtesy. But if you are wanting a quick get in and get out this isn’t what you are looking for. If you don’t mind sitting back and taking in the memorabilia that surrounds you then this is a place to visit.

During our lunch two women with a small group of children came in the door. Later we talked to one of the moms. It turned out they were headed for South Dakota. This struck a cord with me do to the fact that we would normally be heading that way ourselves that time of year. I could tell the lady really wasn’t in the mood for conversation but I engaged her anyway. Sharing some stories of our adventures in that region. She stated they would be catching the 1880 Train in Keystone. I made sure to tell her when they got to Hill City, South Dakota they should take the time to stop in at the Bumpin Buffalo Bar and Grill.

Hopefully before winter hits heavy we will make it back to the Wilton Candy Kitchen. I often wonder how many interesting treasures we miss on the road. Very few of us travel off the major interstates anymore. I’d venture to guess that even in our own backyards there are hidden gems waiting to be explored.

Learn more about the history of the Wilton Candy Kitchen & Wilton, Iowa using the pictures below. I can’t remember the exact words Thelma used. But she said something to us about how this brochure is George’s marketing something or another. The way she put it was interesting. But I don’t recall how she phrased it.

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LorLen Candles Wilton Iowa

Iggy at the Bumpin Buffalo Bar and Grill Hill City South Dakota

Follow the pizza and beer sign to find Cruizzers

Mikey chills with the Presidents

Smart car Keystone South Dakota

Spearfish Falls from the bottom of the canyon

Iggy at Queen Bee Turbine House Sioux Falls Mill 2007

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150th anniversary Of the founding of the Wilton Candy Kitchen 1860-2010 – June 13th, 2009

Wilton Candy Kitchen celebrates milestone

Soda Fountain – American Profile

Wilton Candy Kitchen – Flickr: Search

Wilton Candy Kitchen

Wilton Candy Kitchen

310 Cedar St

Wilton, Iowa 52778


I-80 Exit 271