Adam Richman Man V Food getting makeup in Darcy’s Pint parking lot

Adam Richman Man V Food getting makeup in Darcy's Pint parking lot

After watching a Man V Food marathon off our Comcast DVR the past few days I figured it was finally time to get this photo live. Not to mention the fact that it will compliment my previous Man V Food visiting Springfield, IL articles. Keep in mind no taping was going at this point. This was right before filming of the promo entrance into Darcy’s Pint. When Adam noticed I was taking pictures he headed over to the other side of the truck. The big boy in the orange shirt by the camera is who later came to have stern but polite words with me. My opinion stands – when in a parking lot you’re fair game for having a picture taken.

Granted my picture taking from earlier may have upset someone. When Adam was outside talking to a group at a table ( some of them were in the production later ) I took some shots after Cheryl alerted me to him being there. After he got done looking at his phone he stormed off in a not so good mood. Heading for the front door then towards the edge of the parking lot closest to the auto parts store. Later in the evening during taping I would see something similar once again as we sat at the bar watching the production take place. For the record after being asked to not take pictures I didn’t take any others for the rest of our stay. Although after production started and patrons were specifically asked not to take photos digital cameras plus flashes were popping off left and right. One person at a table right next to where a scene was being filmed kept taking pictures. A little while later orange shirt man from above popped in from outside and stopped that action.

I will say that Adam Richman was very cordial to patrons after production was done. Several groups of people got photos with the actor. This was still taking place as we left Darcy’s Pint. The rub for me is this. I can’t stand when someone isn’t going to play by equal rules. As the legal disclaimer on the door stated. My image could be used in any way the production company saw fit without compensation. But I get chastised for taking a few photos of their actor in a public place. Not sure if this was prima donna syndrome or if my presence was just screwing with someones mojo. Honestly the whole deal just turned me off to even wanting to cover any further tapings taking place in my community.

The funny think is after watching multiple episodes of the Man V Food show the past few days. There are many scenes where the audience is taking pictures while filming is in progress. Either way it will be interesting to see what hits the cutting room floor. I can say I had much more fun watching a news crew & public access celebrity taping interviews with our local Automotive X Prize competitor Illuminati Motor Works. Attending another Man V Food taping most likely won’t be on my agenda again.

On a quick side note. Not sure where Adam Richman stayed when he was in Las Vegas. But if he had seen the condition of the rooms inside of the Sahara. I’d bet he wouldn’t have been jumping up and down to eat there. Even though I had booked the Sahara through a casino host earlier this year. I promptly checked out as soon as Cheryl got me another reservation elsewhere. Ended up at Excalibur.

The words two bites were repeated by Adam multiple times in the Seattle episode. Now however the story has changed. I linked the stars words on Twitter in a previous article. Maybe it was my Beth’s Cafe t-shirt that put him in a bad mood that day. Dude grow a sense of humor.

I’ve said it time and again. Everyone now has the ability to be their own news crew and can let their voices be heard. It’s interesting how many people seem to discount this.

“Richman said. ” [Springfield] doesn’t have the culinary profile of a big city in terms of haute cuisine, but it does have a staple and it’s a point of pride to the people there.”

That comment shows the man didn’t take the time to do his homework. Considering this city has had some world class chefs. Some of which still have restaurants in our community. There is more to the Springfield area than just a bunch of massive cheese eating northern rednecks. Maybe someone from the Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau should have pointed this out to him.

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