Simple ecoSNEAKS Black 1 year later

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A couple of months back Zappos sent an email letting me know it was the 1 year anniversary of my Simple ecoSNEAKS Black purchase. This was the companies way of trying to get me interested in buying more shoes. No one in our household is a yearly shoe buyer. There are a few interesting things about this email. One was the approach to try and market product to me. Although another company I do business with takes this avenue way to far. The second thing that interested me is Zappos completely forgot about the Simple Sno Tire Dark Earth shoes I bought with that same order. Those are over a year old now as well.

With the pictures I’m going to provide here along with background story. Readers will see how this pair of Simple shoes handled 1 year of fairly extreme wear. This is something I don’t remember seeing anywhere else. But this adds more value than other websites that promote products or do reviews. What you see is that I do in fact use many of the products I promote. You are also able to see how the product performed over a years time. This helps readers to make a more informed choice about this brand. Being honest and straightforward isn’t a concept many companies, websites or marketers embrace. For a long time now I’ve tried to show visitors here a new way of doing things.

The shoes above were first shown here on July 29, 2008. Since then they have been to Seattle and many points in between. These shoes are the ones I wear pretty much daily. They did very well in Seattle rain. Normally my old Converse Chuck Taylors would have been soaking wet all the way through to my socks. The ecoSNEAKS kept my socks and feet dry in a good downpour. Since I live in an area with many different weather patterns these shoes have been subjected to all the elements. My Simple ecoSNEAKS did well through the snow. I wore these shoes when climbing around the rocks and in woods of South Dakota. Various waterfalls have also been viewed while wearing these shoes. They took on the large rocks and slipper conditions of Sioux Falls, South Dakota with no problems. My Simple shoes also dealt with the rugged terrain of Spearfish Falls in South Dakota.

I’ve worn these shoes while hiking in our local woods as well. They are always comfortable and hold up to the elements. If I remember right these are what I wore on the train out to Las Vegas this year. These shoes are what I wore for most of my time there. The 2nd pair of Simple sneakers I bought I don’t wear as much. I like them the same as the shoes above but don’t wear them as often. It shows when comparing the two different pairs. In the pictures below you will see there is some wear and tear on my Simple ecoSNEAKS. But keep in mind they have been worn in a variety of conditions and what I have on most days.

Now here is something interesting about my Simple Sno Tire Dark Earth shoes. One shoe squeaks. It doesn’t do it all the time but there is a noticeable noise that comes from the sole of one of the shoes. I’d be guessing as to the cause. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the recycled materials used to build the product. As far as I’m aware the materials used are the same ones used in the shoe above.

Speaking of materials. I think all industries should move more towards a cradle to cradle approach for doing business. It make sense to recycle the materials you have previously produced. In many cases this can actually save your company money as well. There are several well known companies that have shown turning what may be considered waste back into products can equal profit. It still aggravates me that Simple Shoes are made in China. The reality is that very few clothing or shoe manufacturers aren’t having their products made there. Unfortunately it is the nature of the market.

When talking cost. Both pairs of Simple Shoes were very reasonably priced. Especially when you consider the shoes hold up pretty well with heavy use. What I will ask Simple Shoes and their parent company is this. Who would rather have as an affiliate promoting your product? A customer who uses it and is passionate about what you are offering. Or some nameless mega site who could care less about what products you are offering to consumers.

Simple Shoes

Zappos shoes

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Have a look at the link below to see what the shoes above looked like new out of the box.

Simple ecoSNEAKS Black

Simple Sno Tire Dark Earth

See me wearing the Sno Tire Dark Earth shoes below

Iggy back at the Fremont Troll

You’ll see the Simple black ecoSNEAKS on my feet in this cave

Standing in a moss covered cave Woodland Park Zoo