Broadvox Direct sells residential accounts to Phone Power

When Cheryl returned Phone Powers call she was not on hold for long. She didn’t have to jump through any hoops and process went smooth. There was a weekend in between when that call was made and next business day. Even though this company uses United States Postal Service as it’s shipper. New hardware showed up next mail day. You can’t beat that for service. Of course readers now know that I had a horrible time getting adapter to work as it should. With that said I like that this device is smaller than Broadvox unit. It also uses a smaller power supply do to this. For me this is another positive. But here is what interest me most. Supposedly Phone Power uses Broadvox Direct as their backend provider. Broadvox has claimed for years that many VOIP providers do the same. Why this interest me is fact that call quality with Grandstream adapter actually sounds better than when I used Broadvox provided Mediatrix hardware. This may be do to codec used or other factors.

So even though technically I’m using same VOIP network quality experience so far seems better. Overall sound seems louder and a bit more clear. There was never a quality issue with Broadvox Direct but to my ear codec being used with Phone Power adapter is providing a slight step above previous device. I think early on Mediatrix adapter would have phone light flash when you had a voicemail. I think this stopped at some point. Grandstream model I’m using now has this feature.

Speaking of features and price. Our monthly bill is staying same although it looks like we will loose our Florida virtual number. It wasn’t used often so this is no real loss. Phone Power does offer some features Broadvox never released to residential customers. Phone Power does have extra fees for some things Broadvox Direct customers had included in price. Honestly if I don’t run into any hardware issues and their VOIP network is reliable I will remain a customer. However I do not like way all this took place. At no time did Broadvox Direct inform customers that they may be sold to another company. I’m sure both companies will say they followed all legal requirements. What I would say is this shows how lacking consumer protections are.

Since I didn’t receive an email from Phone Power ( it is included within a forum thread ) and company doesn’t have a webpage related to transition for Broadvox Direct customers. I had to send a support email. I was unable to login to their website with my Broadvox credentials like I should be able to. Support email was answered in less than a days time. Which is an excellent response time. Answer wasn’t some canned reply either. However I had figured out solution on my own. I sent a less than nice reply back honestly. Do to fact that all of this should be covered on their website. If you are a Broadvox customer going through this transition. You can use your Broadvox username on Phone Power website. But you must select to have your password sent to you. Once you use new password you will have account access to change it if you wish.

Honestly I feel many support emails and calls could be avoided if Phone Power had just made a dedicated page including information in regards to transition process. So far other than hardware blunder I’d still give their efforts high marks. They seem to be handling support inquires well at this point. One thing I have seen no mention of is what customers are supposed to do with their Broadvox Direct hardware. Are we suppose to return them to the company? Or are they ours to keep?

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