Recycled by ME handmade purses and other items made from recycled plastic bags

Recycled by ME handmade purses and other items made from recycled plastic bags

We came across Recycled by ME hidden away inside a small room connected to a horse stable. On our detour journey to Walnut Grove Farm we came across a sign for Woodland View Farm. Last year during our Knox County Scenic Drive trip we didn’t drive in this direction. Since there is bridge construction on I-74 visitors have to take an alternate route to Walnut Grove Farm. This had us travel some rather rough roads with rolling hills. The one benefit was we came across the sign for another property to visit. So after spending time at Walnut Grove Farm. We backtracked to Woodland View Farm.

The farm was very muddy when we got there. It had rained most of the weekend. The mud had me in a less than pleasant mood. By this time I was starting to feel tired and a bit grouchy. I think I would have enjoyed this part of our adventure a bit more if the land hadn’t been a muddy mess. Granted you could tell the owners had tried to lessen the effects of this to some extent.

Compared to Walnut Grove Farm there didn’t seem to be as many vendors at Woodland View Farm. There was live music, plenty of animals and a carriage ride. After doing some walking around Cheryl came across a door that led to an area that was supposed to have products on sale. I headed into the open door next to that one to get some pictures. Later on I went the other direction. The door led to a small room with just a few vendors.

Of course what caught my eye was what is pictured above. Products made from recycled materials. We decided to make some purchases but credit cards weren’t accepted. Cheryl didn’t have enough cash left and I only had a $100 bill on me. So someone went to see if they could get change. During this time we had a conversation about the recycled products. I’d mentioned that TerraCycle uses chip and drink bags to make purses and other items. This brought on a strong response in regards to Recycled by ME being just a small operation. We were told that all the plastic bags used were collected locally. It was also mentioned that she buys none of these products. Everything is made by hand by her. I told a story of how we saw a local grocery store employee take a recycled bags box and throw all the contents into the trash years ago.

At some point the person who took off to get change comes back with it. This is were I have my brain fart blunder of the day. I take the change then ask Cheryl how much she needs to make the purchase. I totally forgot that at no point did I give the change woman my $100 bill. This was very embarrassing. For some reason I thought I had given it to Cheryl or something. Honestly I didn’t think I still had it in my pocket. My priority at the time was getting pictures and heading on down the road. We had a lot to do in a little amount of time. So my thought process obviously wasn’t were it needed to be.

We ended up purchasing a few items. The only product that came from recycled material was one of the scrubbing pads above. So far in my testing this item has held up well. In some cases it might not fully replace a scouring pad but it will meet your needs for the most part. I’ll definitely be giving this item serious testing. It will be interesting to see how it performs and holds up over time. If it does well the price of $2.50 will be more than worth it. I’m considering contacting Recycled by ME to see if it would possible to ship my plastic bag collection to her.

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Woodland View Farm

Woodland View is a premium horse boarding facility, set on 300 acres of beautiful Illinois country scenery.

Originally a family grain and livestock farm, Woodland View now boasts a Cover-All indoor arena, two large outdoor arenas, a main stable, a small stable, and a Commons area. There are indoor and outdoor turn-outs, a corral, pasture, and miles of fine riding trails.

Woodland View Farm The Main Stable and Commons

The small picture in the bottom right that looks like a kitchen I think shows where Recycled by ME & other vendors where located that day.

Woodland View is proud to be a stop on Knox County scenic drive

That link offers many pictures of what you will see when visiting the farm during the Knox County Scenic Drive.