Man V Food Springfield Illinois episode airs this Wednesday

This Wednesday the Man V Food Springfield Illinois episode will air. It will be interesting to see how things turned out after being in the editing room. Of course I didn’t head to the other locations where taping took place locally do to my experience during the first day of filming.

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2 thoughts on “Man V Food Springfield Illinois episode airs this Wednesday”

  1. I saw the episode last night and thought about you guys. It was good to see some of the old familiar places in Springfield. Now I’m fiending for a horseshoe.

  2. There was a ton of stuff that didn’t make the cut in that episode. They taped for a full day at Darcy’s. From what I hear it was the same for Cozy Dog. Yet hardly any of that is seen in the episode.

    Good to hear from you hope all is going well. We come close to your part of the world often. But that is still about 3 hours away. In fact we were just in the Quad Cities last weekend.

    Do you know Robert M Rutherford from the USDA? He stopped by the house awhile back when I was in the garage to ask if I was a farmer who lived in the city.

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