Basil’s Harvest at Walnut Grove Farm

Basil's Harvest at Walnut Grove Farm

Last weekend right as we entered the Walnut Grove Farm barn we came across Basil’s Harvest. Actually you would be greeted by someone offering you apple cider. Then you would be at the Basil’s Harvest booth on the right. I was busy taking pictures while Cheryl talked to one of the ladies at the counter. When I came around the lady didn’t seem interested in engaging me honestly. I kept trying to get a picture of their sign but both workers kept getting in the way. Neither one seemed like they wanted to be in the photo. So later on as we walked away I tried to get a long distance shot that didn’t turn out.

Earlier this evening I enjoyed what got purchased for me. The Apple Nut Bread was pleasing. We have a local store that has a wide selection of home made healthy baked goods. The Basil’s Harvest bread was similar in quality. Cheryl was pleased with her Foccacia bread. So the items we bought were money well spent. I don’t remember if this company was at Walnut Grove Farm last year. I’d have to look at pictures from our previous visit. I’m not sure Basil’s Harvest will be present this weekend. With all this rain we have received some vendors may decide it’s not worth being present this coming weekend.

If you decide to fight the weather and head out for the Knox County Scenic Drive. Be sure to stop by Walnut Grove Farm. Along with Basil’s Harvest there are many other vendors with yummy food and other interesting products.

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