Inside Caitie Girl’s

Moments after the wine drama the waitress made her way back to us. She asked if we needed anything. This is when we asked for a meal box for me and a desert menu. If I remember right Cheryl had gotten a box for her leftovers earlier. Both of us chose strawberry pie for desert to go. The take home box and desert showed up with no issues. Later Cheryl asked if they had bags for us to carry our four boxes in. Our waitress was very helpful and found a few plastic bags in the back for us to use. We mentioned that the previous weekend we had come across a lady who makes purses out of these type of bags.

Our bill for 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, 2 glasses of wine, 1 Jones Soda and 2 deserts was slightly above $70. Portion sizes were obviously large enough that we had to take food home. So there was definitely value for the cash spent. The design of Caitie Girl’s is at least worth you stopping in for a drink or meal. From my reading making this space into a restaurant was a long nightmare. Then again I’ve never seen on television where building these has gone smoothly. While the look is something a bit different. Neither Cheryl or myself were fully comfortable in the chairs at our table. Both of us felt if we put to much pressure on the back the furniture might not handle it well.

The question is would we go back? Since the customer service was what I consider way above standard nowadays I’d say yes. There were no major issues with the food. Believe it or not this is something that has become a serious problem when eating out. We ate on a busy Friday night so I would think service would be even better at a slower time. The deserts we got held up well after a trip back to the Hilton and sitting in the fridge for some time. I ate mine later that night. It was a fruit mix on top of a thin pie crust. Nice late night snack. So the overall experience was definitely worthwhile and deserving of a second trip. Keep in mind that parking may be an issue. There is a public parking garage a block away. But do to issues the bar near it has had over the years we chose not to park there. Like most downtown areas finding parking in Springfield can be frustrating.

As we left I took some quick pictures. Cheryl made fun of me for doing this. After we had gotten out the door the hostess / busser also came out. I thanked her as she was looking down the sidewalk intently. I wasn’t sure what she was up to. According to Cheryl she was looking for some customers who had walked out and forgot a hat. Earlier in the evening a table by us forgot their leftovers and came back to retrieve them as the table was being cleared.

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