Have you raked your leaves this year

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For some of you the time to rake leaves has probably already shown up. In my neighborhood it seems like that time of year is slowly starting. The other day I mowed our front lawn and took care of the leaves out back. For a few years now I’ve used a Toro rake and vac. Basically that is a leaf blower and mulcher. I have a few complaints with this machine. Sometimes it can’t handle large amounts of material in the time I would like. Having to remove attachments each time you want to switch processes is a pain. These parts have a tendency to stick. This may be by design for safety reasons. So far the Toro has held up better than our Black & Decker Electric Trimmer. The spindle on that piece of hardware shattered the other day when I tried to use it.

I put hardware to the test. Honestly if a product or service doesn’t do what I want it to I get rid of it. Give me ease of use and functionality at a good price then I’m your long time customer. If your company can’t perform this task I will let the world know and never use what you are selling again. If the budget allows I’m in the market for some new yard equipment. I’ve wanted to upgrade our electric lawn mower for a couple of years now. I’m happy with it but the cordless models keep calling me. Even with the lower usage time per charge.

I’m also going to need a new trimmer. I’ve wanted a hardcore edger for a few years as well. At this point I’m affiliated with several well known companies that offer these types of products. That leads to the usual problem – research. Part of the reason I’ve done product reviews on this site is to offer real world advice on performance and durability. Most companies management and marketing staff can’t stand unbiased reviews. If a company I’m affiliated with offers bad service or a useless product I’m not afraid to tell my readers.

I’ve not done business with most of the companies below. I’m hoping that at least one of them will get my business before next summer. This all depends on if the cash is there to make a purchase. I am leaning towards WORX for the trimmer edger blower outdoor vacuum. So far I’m very undecided on who to go with for a cordless electric lawn mower. The reviews I have read are so mixed. I know that it will be next to impossible to find a company that manufacturers these products in the United States. Supposedly Black & Decker used to claim to assemble their units in the USA. From my reading they may import their cordless models now.  Neuton claims to have a US produced product. One online reviewer claims Neuton lawn mowers are made in Taiwan. WORX is designed in Italy but manufactured in China. Performance reviews I’ve read for all the different brands has me hesitating. Along with the fact that the money isn’t there for the purchase at this time.

Granted some Dyson and Fisher Paykel reviews weren’t so good. Which I don’t understand because both of these products are some of the best purchases my household has ever made.

What frustrates me is the United States lagging behind in technology yet again. From what I have seen in Europe you can purchase a lawn mower powered by Lithium-ion batteries. As far as I can tell at this time no one is offering these models for sale in the USA. The most aggravating thing is that there very well may not be a demand in this country. It’s sad that supposedly one of the most technologically advance countries in the world is so backwards in it’s mindset. The Lithium power models if I remember correctly had similar performance to lawn mowers that use older battery technology.

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  • Have not raked a thing yet. Most leaves have not fallen. We use the lawnmower to mulch some and leave the ones in the back for the birds, bats, butterflies, and whatever else appreciates the leaf litter (a natural layer in forests).

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