Guess Waste Management doesn’t want my recycles

Last week Waste Management sent a notice a day late about my neighborhoods trash pickup changing. As usual the recycles were picked up on Monday. But our trash had been left uncollected. On Tuesday of that week we got a letter in the mail about our trash day now being Wednesday. There was no mention of when recycle materials would be collected. Since the notice stated the change was to help reduce operating cost and make trash collection more efficient. I assumed recycles would be picked up on Wednesday now as well.

I guess this isn’t the case. Of course how am I supposed to know this? I’ll tell you how. My recycle bin hasn’t been picked up today.  If I remember correctly this was the case last Wednesday as well. So I’m assuming Waste Management in their incredibly shortsighted wisdom now have trucks in my neighborhood on two separate days. It would have been nice for them to include this information within the letter they sent. Funny how the letter started with the statement – no one likes surprises. Lets see – A notice about trash day showing up one day after the normal weekly collection time is a surprise. Not giving me or other customers in my area information in regards to recycle collection leaves us guessing and full of surprise.

Not sure how not being able to have my recycles collected helps provide me with better service. The letter goes on and on about how this change is to improve the quality of service to my area. Seems downright stupid to me to have two separate days for collection. Which I assume is now the case. Guess I’ll have to put my recycle bin out next Monday to find out if this is in fact how things will operate. I’m not sure how this saves gas or makes the operation more efficient. Not to mention the fact this adds extra noise and clutter to our neighborhood. By having trucks on two different days roaring down our street. Also by having bins out on two different days. Honestly it would be nice if all waste haulers picked up on one day only in our community.

At this point I do not feel like a valued customer. I feel like yet another company is making me jump through hoops to do business with them. I shouldn’t have to call or try to navigate their useless website to obtain information that any person with common sense would expect to be included within the letter announcing the change.

Interesting how the lady who collects our recycles could leave a sticker warning me the one time I put out our bin late. But her co-workers who pick-up our trash can’t leave us a notice about what day our recycle materials will be collected. It’s also pretty stupid that the collectors leave the garbage bin lid open after collection. Especially when it has been raining. There are many reasons this shouldn’t be done.

Isn’t polite and good customer service when you see the recycle bin out on a day when it won’t be collected to give that household a heads up? A customer shouldn’t be left to assume what will take place. My assumption was that since garbage & recycle collection was always on the same day that this wouldn’t change. It makes no sense from an efficiency standpoint to have two different days for collection. As for convenience and better serving the customer. How exactly am I being better served by having to put out bins on two different days?

Just confirmed that some idiot in management has decided that having two different collection days is a good way to serve customers. Whoever made this decision should promptly be fired even if they are the CEO. Nothing like another company with well paid morons making decisions. At the very least they could have made customers aware of managements stupidity by mentioning this in the letter that was sent.

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