Is The Sopranos based on a real life story

Is the television show The Sopranos actually based upon a real life mob family? At least one woman thinks this hit show is based upon the life of her real mob family. After seeing her children’s pictures up next to the photos of the Soprano’s characters. I’m leaning towards her actually having a case. Many people will probably just think this is some retired old lady just trying to get a payday before her time in this world is up. But I think she may actually have a case. In the past juries have been about 50/50 in this type of litigation. The real life Rocky swears he still hasn’t gotten properly paid for his true life story. As far as I’m aware he has never taken his grievance to court. Lynda Milito the wife of Louie Milito isn’t thinking of not going to court with her claim. She is threatening to sue HBO, Tribeca Productions and a screenwriter for allegedly taking her family’s story without compensating her. The CNN morning anchor this AM seemed to want to laugh at this woman’s claim. Yet when you look at the pictures and hear her story you have to really wonder if she might not just be telling the truth. I wouldn’t want to take this to a jury. Although you do have to wonder why she is just now coming forward after all of these years of the show being on the air. Of course the accused companies all say this allegation is without merit. And that all ideas, characters etc all come from the mind of  David Chase and his writers. Honestly I’m not so sure. Yes everyone is going think this woman is just off her rocker. In the end though it will be interesting to see if there is a pay out to make the problem go away. I’d assume that we won’t be seeing a contract placed on this woman’s life and a hit taking place. Then again you never know in Hollywood. This of course wouldn’t be the first time that studios blatantly stole ideas from earlier projects that they took a pass on. This supposed fairytale of The Sopranos might not be so imaginary after all. This also wouldn’t be the first time the show has been sued. Litigation was brought against the Sopranos here in Illinois by The Chicago-based American Italian Defense Association. That case was later dismissed. Mafia Wife My Story of Love, Murder, and Madness Books Lynda Milito,Reg Potterton

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Milito, now a resident of Boca Raton, made her claims at a news conference where she also threatened to sue HBO, Tribeca Productions and a screenwriter for allegedly taking her family’s story without compensating her.

Milito contends “The Sopranos” contains numerous parallels to her life that were somehow taken from information she shared with a writer for a TV movie called “Witness to the Mob” that first aired in May 1998.

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Update August 28, 2007

Some online sources suggest The Sopranos characters are based up the De Cavalcante crime family.

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