Tesla Motors called me today

Earlier this evening I got an interesting call. We tend to get very few calls. So I was interested to see who would be calling at that time of night. Imagine my surprise when I look at the Caller ID and it says Tesla Motors. I did a quick double take. Honestly I still don’t remember giving Tesla our phone number. I’m thinking I did give them some information after their public test drive in Seattle. I’ve been very interested in when the Chicago Tesla store would be opening. Evening though their current Tesla Roadster is out of my households price range I would like to finally see the car in person.

For a long time I have had an interest in solar power and electric cars. Unfortunately I’ve never had the financial success in life to put these technologies to work. I’m one of those people who would love to lead by example but am limited by funding. The one thing I can do is write about companies and people who are trying to create positive change. While I’m not big media by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve wanted to have a chance at covering the opening of Tesla Motors Chicago store. Maybe the call from Chris Sears today will give me that opportunity.

It’s very frustrating that the Tesla Model S won’t be rolling out of a production facility much sooner. In my opinion a vehicle like that is a game changer. General Motors Volt might take the lead in the public eye if it gets to market first. That concept is what Tesla had originally chose to follow for the Model S. Only later did the company choose the all electric option. Range will continue to be a deal killer with all electric cars until such time when charge times are like visiting a gas station.

I’m not sure if Google Voice dictated this properly.

“A ticket also answer any questions you might have about the restaurant or model.”

One rant – It drives me nuts that Tesla refuses to fix their article titles on the website. Makes bookmarking or linking to the content a hassle.

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