Waste Management Think Green inside Edward Jones Dome

Waste Management Think Green inside Edward Jones Dome

Many would argue about how truly green Waste Management is. In the past you could definitely make a case in regards to this company being far from committed to a clean environment. This sign inside of the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis MO shows their current marketing slogan. When looking around the stadium you would wonder how earth friendly the operation is. You have an extremely large structure that has no signs of using alternative energy sources. After a game you have large amounts of trash everywhere that needs to be picked up. I didn’t see anyone the day we were there using the recycle boxes. Which is no surprise because the majority of citizens of the world could care less about trying to reduce their impact on it.

In Las Vegas inside the Excalibur food court their garbage containers stated that recyclable waste was sorted at the trash collection facility. I’m wondering if the Edward Jones Dome was a similar type of setup. Even if that is the case is there any real accountability in regards to this operation? I’d venture a guess that any company who claims this is how recycled material is sorted never checks to make sure that is taking place. They just take the word of their waste hauler. The amount of waste produced from just one event at any large complex is enormous. For years many of these facilities haven’t taken responsibility for their customers trash.

Of course there have been several eco shows that have hyped stadiums that have taken steps to reduce waste and energy usage. Those who run these facilities should be smart enough to realize an investment in this area saves money over time. This of course can reduce operating cost and increase profit.

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