POMx Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea

The past few years I have really reduced my intake of traditional carbonated drinks. While I’ve been a big fan of Phix I do drink other beverages. Tonight I tried POMx Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea for the first time. This was purchased for me at our local grocery store. I liked the taste and would most likely purchase it again. The past few years I have started to make a habit of trying to look into the companies I purchase products and services from. It has become very hard to determine who is selling a truly natural product versus just marketing. Many manufacturers have started campaigns in regards to label checking. But even some of these have me questioning their true intentions. It seems everyone is jumping on the all natural we have the wonder drug crazy. Granted these type of fads have come and gone over the years. All of these companies almost always state advanced research has been done to back up their claims etc. So the question becomes who do you trust? Below you will find a picture of the back label for my bottle of POMx Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea. You will also find older articles that discuss other drinks I’ve ingested. Phix, Zevia, Pacific Natural Foods Organic Peach Iced Tea & Switch Juice are products that I still purchase and drink on a regular basis.

Pom Wonderful Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea, 12 Fluid Ounce — 6 per case

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