Lumière Place electronic billboard Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Lumière Place electronic billboard Peet's Coffee & Tea

I took this picture out of our car window as we headed to the Lumière Place Casino & Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. This electronic billboard displays digital advertisements for the Lumière Place Casino & Hotel as well as the Four Seasons Hotel located within the same complex. To the right in the picture you see the Peet’s Coffee & Tea logo. I don’t drink coffee. Never liked the taste. But I’m aware of the Peet’s brand do to Chris Pirillo. Peet’s Coffee is a brand he has claimed to love for many years. The company has done several promotions with him as well if I’m remembering correctly.

According to their website Lumière Place offers the only Peet’s Coffee & Tea retail location in Missouri. This is a small storefront located in between the Kitchen Buffet & Bistro inside Lumière Place. You will find Peet’s right by the entrance to the buffet. During our recent stay at the Lumière Hotel I don’t recall anyone staffing the Peet’s counter. I know we passed it at different times of day and night.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

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  1. Actally, the counter you are referring to is Sucre, the casino’s dessert counter. Sucre does sell Peet’s coffee, but it is not the actual Peet’s Coffee location.

    The actual Peet’s is located on the far east side of the casino, near the Valet Booth. Ask any employee on property, and they will show you how to get to it.

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